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Stock Roms Samsung All Model for Free
This page contains all type of stock rom Samsung original for all free , please download Samsung stock rom that you want to repair your beloved smartphone
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EK-GC100 Samsung Galaxy Camera
(Alternatif Link) EK-GC100XXALJF / OLBALJB Download
EK-GC100 Pit Download

EK-GC200 Samsung Galaxy Camera 2
  EK-GC200 PIT Download
(Link maintenance)

GT-B5330 Samsung Galaxy Chat
  GT-B5330XWALI2_OLBABM2 Part1
  GT-B5330XWALI2_OLBABM2 Part2
  GT-B5330XWALI2_OLBABM2 Part3
  GT-B5330 PIT Download
(Link maintenance)

GT-B5510 Samsung Galaxy Y Pro
B5510DXKK1 / OLBKK1 Download
(Alternatif Link) B5510DXKK1 / OLBKK1 Download
(Alternatif Link) B5510DXKK1_OLBKK1_DXKK2 (BI) Download
B5510 PIT Download

GT-B6520 Samsung Galaxy Omnia Pro 5
  B6520XXJG6_DXJG6_XSEJG6 (BI) Download
(Link maintenance)

GT-B7510 Samsung Galaxy Pro
  B7510DXKC4_OLBKC4_DXKC4 (BI) Download
  B7510XWKD6_XXKC3_PLSKE1 Download
  B7510 OPS Download
(Link maintenance)

GT-B9150 Samsung Galaxy HomeSync
  B9150XXUBMI1_OLBBMI1 Part1
  B9150XXUBMI1_OLBBMI1 Part2
  B9150XXUBMI1_OLBBMI1 Part3
  B9150XXUBMI1_OLBBMI1 Part4
  B9150XXUBMI1_OLBBMI1 Part5
  B9150XXUBMI1_OLBBMI1 Part6
  B9150 PIT Download
(Link maintenance)

GT-I5503 Samsung Galaxy 5
I5503DXJG5/OLBJG4 Download
I5503DDJG4/ODDJG4 Download
I5503JPJPA  Download 
(Alternatif Link) I5503DXJG5/OLBJG4 (BI) Download
(Alternatif Link) I5503DXJG5/OLBJG4 Download
(Alternatif Link) I5503DDJG4/ODDJG4 Download
(Alternatif Link) I5503JPJPA  Download
I5503 OPS Download

GT-I5510 Samsung Galaxy 551
I5510BOKP6 / DTMKP2 Download
I5510XWJL1 / SEBJL1 Download
I5510XWJK3_XWJL1_SEBJL1 Download
I5510XWKD1_XWKD4_OXXKD3 Download
(Alternatif Link) I5510BOKP6 / DTMKP2 Download
(Alternatif Link) I5510XWJL1 / SEBJL1 Download
I5510 OPS Download

GT-I5700 Samsung Galaxy Spica
I5700DXJA1_OLBJA1 (BI) Download
(Alternatif Link) I5700DXJB3_OLBJB3 (BI) Download
I5700 OPS Download

GT-I8150 Samsung Galaxy Wonder
I8150XXLMI / DBTLL1 Download
I8150ZSKI3_OZSKI3 Download
(Alternatif Link) I8150XXLMI / DBTLL1 Download
I8150 OPS Download

GT-I8160 Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
I8160XXMF1 / OXXMF1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I8160XXMF1 / OXXMF1 Download
I8160 PIT Download

GT-I8190 Samsung Galaxy S 3 Mini
I8190XXALK6/XAALK6 Download
I8190XXAMA2/OJVAMC3 Download
(Alternatif Link) I8190XXALK6/XAALK6 Download
(Alternatif Link) I8190XXAMA2/OJVAMC3 Download
I8190 PIT Download

Samsung I8190L Galaxy S3 Mini
I8190LUBAMC1/CHEAMC1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I8190LUBAMC1/CHEAMC1 Download
Samsung I8190N Galaxy S3 Mini

I8190NDXAMB1/QLBAMB1 Download
I8190NXXAMG1/OXAAMG1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I8190NDXAMB1/QLBAMB1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I8190NXXAMG1/OXAAMG1 Download

GT-I8250 Samsung Galaxy
  I8250ZMLJ1_CHMLJ1 Part1
  I8250ZMLJ1_CHMLJ1 Part2
(Link Maintenance)

GT-I8262 Samsung Galaxy Core
  I8262XXAME8/OXEAME4 Download
  I8262XXANB4/OLBBNB2 Download
(Alternatif Link) I8262XXAME8/OXEAME4 Download
(Alternatif Link) I8262XXANB4/OLBBNB2 Download
I8262 PIT Download

Samsung I8262B Galaxy Core Duos
I8262BDCAMH1/THWAMF2 Download
(Alternatif Link) I8262BDCAMH1/THWAMF2 Download

GT-I8530 Samsung Galaxy Beam
I8530XXLEA/DBTLE3 Download
(Alternatif Link) I8530XXLEA/DBTLE3 Download
I8530 PIT Download

GT-I8552 Samsung Galaxy Win Duos
I8552XXAMD8 / OXEAMD1 Download
I8552XXAMDB / OXEAMD1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I8552XXAMD8 / OXEAMD1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I8552XXAMDB / OXEAMD1 Download
I8552 PIT Download

Samsung I8552B Galaxy Win Duos
I8552BDCUANF1/THWANE1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I8552BDCUANF1/THWANE1 Download

GT-I9000 Samsung Galaxy S
I9000BOJW6/DTMJW3 Download
I9000JPJF4/OJPJF3 Download
I9000XWJS3/SERJS2_XXJPY Download
I9000XXJPY/XWJS5_SERJS2 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9000BOJW6/DTMJW3 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9000JPJF4/OJPJF3 Download
I9000 PIT Download

Samsung I9000B Galaxy S
I9000BVJJG9/ZVVJG6 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9000BVJJG9/ZVVJG6 Download
Samsung I9000M Galaxy S

  I9000MUGKG3/BMCKG3 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9000MUGKG3/BMCKG3 Download
Samsung I9001 Galaxy S Plus

  I9001JPKG1/OJPKG1 Download
  I9001XXKQM/DBTKQ2 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9001JPKG1/OJPKG1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9001XXKQM/DBTKQ2 Download

GT-I9003 Samsung Galaxy S SL
I9003BHKP8/XEGKP6 Download
I9003DDLF2/ODDLF2 Download
I9003JPKD1/OJPKC2 Download 
I9003XXKPQ/SERKPQ_CL709629 Download
I9003ZCKA7/ZCKA7_CHNKA7 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9003BHKP8/XEGKP6 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9003DDLF2/ODDLF2 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9003JPKD1/OJPKC2 Download
I9003 PIT Download

GT-I9060 Samsung Galaxy Grand Lite
I9060DDUANJ1/DDUANJ1 Download
I9060XXUAML9/OXAAML9 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9060DDUANJ1/DDUANJ1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9060XXUAML9/OXAAML9 Download
I9060 PIT Download

GT-I9060I Samsung Galaxy Grand NEO
I9060IXXU0ANL5/OJV0ANL4 Download
I9060IXXU0AOA8/OXE0AOA4 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9060IXXU0ANL5/OJV0ANL4 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9060IXXU0AOA8/OXE0AOA4 Download
I9060i PIT Download

Samsung I9060M Galaxy Grand Neo
I9060MUBU0ANL2/UUB0ANL2 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9060MUBU0ANL2/UUB0ANL2 Download

GT-I9070 Samsung Galaxy S Advance
  I9070XXLD1_SERLD1_8G Part1
  I9070XXLD1_SERLD1_8G Part2
  I9070XXLD1_SERLD1_8G Part3
  I9070XXLD1_SERLD1_16G Part1
  I9070XXLD1_SERLD1_16G Part2
  I9070XXLD1_SERLD1_16G Part3
  I9070ZCLP9_CHNLP9 Part1
  I9070ZCLP9_CHNLP9 Part2
  I9070ZCLP9_CHNLP9 Part3
  I9070 PIT Download
(Link maintenance)

Samsung I9070P Galaxy S Advance
(Alternatif Link) I9070PXXLPE/DBTLPE Download

GT-I9082 Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos
I9082XXAMAB/ OXEAMA5 Download
I9082XXUBMF2/OXABMF2 Download
I9082XXUBNA4/OXEBNA2 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9082XXAMAB/ OXEAMA5 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9082XXUBMF2/OXABMF2 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9082XXUBNA4/OXEBNA2 Download
  I9082 PIT Download

Samsung I9082L Galaxy Grand Duos
I9082LUBUBMK2 / UUBBMK2 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9082LUBUBMK2 / UUBBMK2 Download

GT-I9100 Samsung Galaxy S 2
I9100JPLPC/OJPLP9 Download
I9100XWLSD/VD2LSC Download
(Alternatif Link) I9100JPLPC/OJPLP9 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9100XWLSD/VD2LSC Download
I9100 PIT Download

Samsung I9100G Galaxy S 2
I9100GJPKH8/OJPKG7 Download
I9100GXXKL5/DBTKL2 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9100GJPKH8/OJPKG7 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9100GXXKL5/DBTKL2 Download

Samsung I9100P Galaxy S2
I9100PXXLQ8/ATLLP8 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9100PXXLQ8/ATLLP8 Download

Samsung I9103 Galaxy R
I9103XWKG7/OXEKG5 Download
I9103XWKJ4/DBTKJ1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9103XWKG7/OXEKG5 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9103XWKJ4/DBTKJ1 Download

Samsung I9105 Galaxy S2 Plus
I9105XXUBMH4/OXEBMH3 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9105XXUBMH4/OXEBMH3 Download

GT-I9152 Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8
I9152XWUANA6/OLBANA3 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9152XWUANA6/OLBANA3 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9152XXUAMEF/OXEAMEC Download
I9152 PIT Download

Samsung I9152P Galaxy Mega 5.8 Duos
I9152PZCUANG4/CHNANG4 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9152PZCUANG4/CHNANG4 Download

GT-I9190 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (Single Link)
I9190XXUAMF5 / OXEAMF3 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9190XXUAMF5 / OXEAMF3 Download

GT-I9190 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (Part Link)
I9190 PIT Download

Samsung I9192 Galaxy S4 Mini Duos
I9192XXUAMF7/OXEAMF3 Download
I9192XXUCOA2/QXECOA1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9192XXUAMF7/OXEAMF3 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9192XXUCOA2/QXECOA1 Download

Samsung I9195 Galaxy S4 Mini LTE
I9195XXUBMJ7/OXABMJ7 Download
I9195XXUCNH5/OJVCNH1 Download
I9195XXUCNJ6/YERCNJ3 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9195XXUBMJ7/OXABMJ7 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9195XXUCNH5/OJVCNH1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9195XXUCNJ6/YERCNJ3 Download

GT-I9200 Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
I9200XXUCML1/SERCML3 Download
I9200XXUDNK1/SERDNK1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9200XXUCML1/SERCML3 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9200XXUDNK1/SERDNK1 Download
I9200 PIT Download

Samsung I9205 Galaxy Mega 6.3 LTE
I9205XXUDOA1/DBTDOB1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9205XXUDOA1/DBTDOB1 Download

Samsung I9210 Galaxy S2 LTE
I9210XXLC2/OXXLC1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9210XXLC2/OXXLC1 Download

Samsung I9295 Galaxy S4 Active
I9295XXUAMF7/OLBAMG2 Download
I9295XXUDOB4/OXEDOB1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9295XXUAMF7/OLBAMG2 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9295XXUDOB4/OXEDOB1 Download

GT-I9300 Samsung Galaxy S 3
I9300XXUGMK6/OXAGMK6 Download
I9300XXUGMK6/OLBGML1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9300XXUGMK6/OXAGMK6 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9300XXUGMK6/OLBGML1 Download
I9300 PIT Download

Samsung I9300I Galaxy S3 Neo
I9300IXXUAND1/OJVAND1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9300IXXUAND1/OJVAND1 Download

Samsung I9301i Galaxy S3 Neo Plus
(Alternatif Link) I9301IXXUANF5/OJVUANF1 Download

Samsung I9305 Galaxy S3 LTE
I9305XXUFNL1/DBTFNL1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9305XXUEMKC/MOBEMK1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9305XXUFNL1/DBTFNL1 Download

GT-I9500 Samsung Galaxy S 4 (Exynos Octa)
I9500XXUHOA7/SERHOA7 Download
I9500ZCUHND1/CHNHND1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9500XXUHOA7/SERHOA7 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9500ZCUHND1/CHNHND1 Download
  I9500 PIT Download

Samsung I9502 Galaxy S4 DUOS
I9502ZNUHNE4/CHUHNE4 Download
I9502ZNUIOA2/CHUIOA2 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9502ZNUHNE4/CHUHNE4 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9502ZNUIOA2/CHUIOA2 Download

Samsung I9505 Galaxy S4 LTE
I9505VJUGNE2/ZTOGNE3 Download
I9505XXUHOA7/OXAHOA7 Download
I9505XXUHOJ2/OXAHOJ2 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9505VJUGNE2/ZTOGNE3 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9505XXUHOA7/OXAHOA7 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9505XXUHOJ2/OXAHOJ2 Download

Samsung I9505G Galaxy S4 Google Play
(Alternatif Link) I9505GUEUBMFP/XARBMFP Download

Samsung I9506 Galaxy S4 LTE-A
(Alternatif Link) I9506XXUAMHE/VFGAMH4 Download

Samsung I9515 Galaxy S4 VE
I9515XXU1ANC1/DBT1ANC1 Download
(Alternatif Link) I9515XXU1ANC1/DBT1ANC1 Download

Samsung J100F Galaxy J1 LTE
J100FXXU0AOA7/OJV0AOA7 Download
(Alternatif Link) J100FXXU0AOA7/OJV0AOA7 Download

Samsung J100FN Galaxy J1 LTE
J100FNXXU0AOB4/OJV0AOB2 Download
J100FNXXU0AOC1/OXE0AOC1 Download
(Alternatif Link) J100FNXXU0AOB4/OJV0AOB2 Download
(Alternatif Link) J100FNXXU0AOC1/OXE0AOC1 Download

Samsung J100G Galaxy J1
J100GDDU0AOC2/ODD0AOC2 Download
(Alternatif Link) J100GDDU0AOC2/ODD0AOC2 Download

Samsung J100H Galaxy J1 Duos
J100HXXU0AOA3/OJV0AOA2 Download
J100HXXU0AOB4/OXE0AOB4 Download
(Alternatif Link) J100HXXU0AOA3/OJV0AOA2 Download
(Alternatif Link) J100HXXU0AOB4/OXE0AOB4 Download

Samsung J100ML Galaxy J1 Duos
J100MLDXU0AOB3/OLC0AOB5 Download
(Alternatif Link) J100MLDXU0AOB3/OLC0AOB5 Download

Samsung J110F Galaxy J1 Ace
(Alternatif Link) J110FXXU0AOGE/OJV0AOGE Download

Samsung J110H Galaxy J1 Ace
(Alternatif Link) J110HXXU0AOGA/ODD0AOG9 Download

Samsung J120H Galaxy J1 2016
J120HXXU0APA1/OXE0APA2 Download
(Alternatif Link) J120HXXU0APA1/OXE0APA2 Download

Samsung J200F Galaxy J2
J200FXXU1AOI6/OJV1AOI6 Download
(Alternatif Link) J200FXXU1AOI6/OJV1AOI6 Download

Samsung J200GU Galaxy J2
J200GUDXU1AOJ1/OLB1AOJ1 Download
(Alternatif Link) J200GUDXU1AOJ1/OLB1AOJ1 Download

Samsung J200H Galaxy J2 Duos
J200HXXU0AOI6/ODD0AOI2 Download
(Alternatif Link) J200HXXU0AOI6/ODD0AOI2 Download

Samsung J500F Galaxy J5
(Alternatif Link) J500FXXU1AOFA/OJV1AOFC Download

Samsung J500FN Galaxy J5
J500FNXXU1AOG1/DBT1AOG3 Download
(Alternatif Link) J500FNXXU1AOG1/DBT1AOG3 Download

Samsung J500G Galaxy J5
J500GXXU1AOJ1/OLB1AOJ1 Download
(Alternatif Link) J500GXXU1AOJ1/OLB1AOJ1 Download

Samsung J500H Galaxy J5
J500HXXU1AOG4/OXE1AOG4 Download
(Alternatif Link) J500HXXU1AOG4/OXE1AOG4 Download

Samsung J700F Galaxy J7 Duos LTE
(Alternatif Link) J700FXXU1AOFJ/OJV1AOFJ Download

Samsung J700H Galaxy J7 Duos
(Alternatif Link) J700HXXU1AOG3/OXY1AOFG Download

Samsung L710 Galaxy S3 Sprint
L710VPUCMK3/SPRCMK3 Download
(Alternatif Link) L710VPUCMK3/SPRCMK3 Download

Samsung M919 Galaxy S4 T-Mobile
M919UVUFNB4/TMBFNB4 Download
(Alternatif Link) M919UVUFNB4/TMBFNB4 Download

Samsung M919N Galaxy S4 USA MetroPCS
(Alternatif Link) M919NUVUEMK5/TMBEMK5 Download

GT-N5100 Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
N5100XXBMD1/OXABMC8 Download
N5100XXDNL5/OXADNL5 Download
(Alternatif Link) N5100XXBMD1/OXABMC8 Download
(Alternatif Link) N5100XXDNL5/OXADNL5 Download
N5100 PIT Download

GT-N7000 Samsung Galaxy Note
N7000XXLSZ/OXELS7 Download
(Alternatif Link) N7000XXLSZ/OXELS7 Download
  N7000 PIT Download

Samsung N7000B Galaxy Note
(Alternatif Link) N7000BDCLSB/THLLSB Download

GT-N7100 Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  N7100XXUEMK9/OXXEMK4 Download
  N7100XXUFND4/OJVFND3 Download
  N7100XXUFNI4/OLBFNI1 Download
(Alternatif Link) N7100XXUEMK9/OXXEMK4 Download
(Alternatif Link) N7100XXUFND4/OJVFND3 Download
(Alternatif Link) N7100XXUFNI4/OLBFNI1 Download
  N7100 PIT Download

Samsung N7100T Galaxy Note 2
N7100TDOUFND1/TNZFNE1 Download
(Alternatif Link) N7100TDOUFND1/TNZFNE1 Download

Samsung N7102 Galaxy Note 2 Duos
N7102ZCDMH1/CHNDMH1 Download
(Alternatif Link) N7102ZCDMH1/CHNDMH1 Download

Samsung N7105 Galaxy Note 2 LTE
N7105XXDMC3/OJVDMA3 Download
N7105XXUFNJ1/OLBFNJ1 Download
N7105ZHUEMK3/ZZHEMK3 Download
(Alternatif Link) N7105XXDMC3/OJVDMA3 Download
(Alternatif Link) N7105XXUFNJ1/OLBFNJ1 Download
(Alternatif Link) N7105ZHUEMK3/ZZHEMK3 Download

Samsung N7105T Galaxy Note 2 LTE
N7105TDVUFNL1/XSAFNL1 Download
(Alternatif Link) N7105TDVUFNL1/XSAFNL1 Download

Samsung N750 Galaxy Note 3 Neo
N750XXUANB3/ODDANB1 Download
N750XXUCNH2/OXECNH1 Download
(Alternatif Link) N750XXUANB3/ODDANB1 Download
(Alternatif Link) N750XXUCNH2/OXECNH1 Download

Samsung N7502 Galaxy Note 3 Neo DUOS
N7502XXUANH2/OLBANH1 Download
(Alternatif Link) N7502XXUANH2/OLBANH1 Download

Samsung N7505 Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE
N7505XXUCNH1/OXECNH1 Download
(Alternatif Link) N7505XXUANAD/DBTANA5 Download
(Alternatif Link) N7505XXUCNH1/OXECNH1 Download

GT-N8000 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (3G + WiFi)
N8000DXBLL3/OLBBLL3 Download
N8000XXUDNH2/OJVDNH1 Download
(Alternatif Link) N8000DXBLL3/OLBBLL3 Download
(Alternatif Link) N8000XXUDNH2/OJVDNH1 Download
N8000 PIT Download

GT-N8010 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (WiFi)
N8010XXUDNE4 / OXADNE4 Download
(Alternatif Link) N8010XXUDNE4 / OXADNE4 Download
N8010 PIT Download

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